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Voice actors play a crucial role in the success of your project. A professional voiceover artist will bring trust and credibility to your video, deliver your message with the right emotion & energy, help you connect with the target audience, and encourage them to inquire more about the product or service at hand. Clear, competent, and confident communication is key when it comes to voiceovers, and only a professional actor can guarantee that.


With more than 1000 voices covering over 80 languages, Alpha Studios can provide casting to help clients find the best actors to match their message and storytelling.

Chris M

English Voice Artist

Having trained as an actor at the Actors’ Temple in London, Chris has extensive experience on both stage and screen. Growing up in the north of England with a Caribbean background, Chris has long been interested in exploring other cultures, and is also a qualified translator, fluent in Russian and Spanish. He is known for his warm, rich voice.

Saskia B

Dutch Voice Artist

Saskia is an excellent Dutch voiceover talent based in London. She is the female voice of BBC FIRST and does voiceovers in both Dutch & English for Anglo-Dutch companies. Her voiceover credits include brands such as Google, Tripadvisor, Disney, BBC Sport, EY World Entrepreneur of the Year, World Economic Forum and Estee Lauder.

Stéphane C

French Voice Artist

Stephane’s experience spans 20 years in every genre, with voice credits ranging from the Vatican Museum to Napoleon in Total War, from Le Piat d’Or to Boursin, from Gabriel “Gabe” Logan to Liquid Snake. With a velvety-smooth voice, Stephane Cornicard works in his native French, but also in English (accented, RP, Transatlantic, Standard American), Spanish and German. He worries that he plays too many serial killers and general baddies… and that he likes it.

Lara M

Italian Voice Artist

Born in Italy, where she studied drama, Lara moved to London in the late 90s. She has appeared in over twenty theatre productions as well as films and TV series in the UK. Lara speaks British English and Standard Italian, and is adept at a variety of accents, including Italian, Spanish, French, Middle Eastern, Greek, Iranian, Israeli and Turkish. Lara is a soprano vocalist, and has appeared in many musicals and concerts over the years. She is particularly strong in roles that look for lively, animated voices, which has led to her voice appearing in many commercial, corporate, animation and gaming projects.

James H

English Voice Artist

James is an actor and voiceover artist with plenty of experience working on corporate, commercial and educational projects, and has received praise from clients for his engaging line delivery. He has worked on hundreds of corporate, commercial, and educational projects, bringing a warm and engaging delivery to any script. James’ recent acting credits include the role of Draco Malfoy in the West End production of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”.

Alexander D

German Voice Artist

Alexander is a trained actor and multilingual voiceover artist based in London. He is fluent in English, German and French and works in all three languages.

He has recorded a variety of commercial, corporate and sports broadcasting projects. His portfolio includes clients such as the BBC, talkSPORT Radio, Castrol, Citroën, Disney, Ferrero, IBM, Land Rover, Lego, McKinsey & Company, Party Poker, Perform Group, Pfizer, Seagate, Skechers, Sega, Shell and many more. As an actor, Alexander is known for his roles in The Danish Girl (Kvinde Films), Emmerdale (ITV) and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Warner Bros).

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