Recording Studios

State-of-the-art production hub bringing audiovisual projects to life

Alpha Studios offers the full portfolio of audiovisual services for clients’ projects through state-of-the-art studios and post-production facilities in central London. We help clients convey their message and connect with their audiences across the globe, delivering bespoke and tailor-made localization solutions, whatever the target language or culture.


The team at Alpha Studios is able to provide a wide range of services, including voiceover, dubbing, subtitling and post-production. Our clients operate in a wide range of industries, including broadcasting, corporate communications, gaming, animation and film.



We handle various multimedia projects:

  • Commercials
  • Corporate videos
  • Animations
  • Games
  • Podcasts
  • Audio books
  • Audio guides
  • Bespoke castings
  • E-learning materials
  • Language courses
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Text-to-speech
Studio 1
  • This studio has a spacious control room and can comfortably seat 3 producers, with extra space for guests.
  • The booth can accommodate 8 seated voices, or 10 when standing.
  • Ideal for radio drama productions, multi-voice sessions and podcasts.
  • Equipment: SQ7 32-channel mixing console, Sadie and Protools hard disk editing, Neumann mics, Sound Deluxe fet/valve, SE valve and DPAs, Genelec and KRK monitoring.
Studio 2
  • Studio 2 has a spacious control room for 2 producers, with extra space for guests.
  • The booth can accommodate a single voice.
  • Equipment: SQ5 16-channel mixing console, Sadie& Protools hard disk recording and editing. Neumann & Sound Delux Microphones, Focal Monitoring.
Studio 3
  • Studio 3 has a very large control room, and can comfortably seat 8 guests.
  • The booth can comfortably accommodate up to 3 voices.
  • Equipment: SQ5 16-channel mixing console.
Studio 4
  • This is our music production studio, with a control room able to seat 4 people.
  • The booth can easily accommodate singers, guitar amps or a drum kit.
  • Equipment: SSL mixing console, Protools, Logic pro X, Nueman mics.
  • Various guitars – electric, bass, acoustic, Gibson, Fender, etc.